Our Projects

Below are some of the projects we are working on.

Sample project image
My Fleet

We designed a 7 pillar my fleet management system that observes all the core pillars of fleet management.

Ocaja Express

We developed an IOS and Android application that provides truck services to clients transporting items.


We developed a Customer Relationship Management System that can be customised to suit clients in all sectors.


We are working on an engine that integrates fintech companies in East Africa and Zambia into a single robust, secure API. These may include banking institutions, Microfinance Institutions, SACCOS, Payment Providers and other third party providers. This API will be readily available to digital payment providers.


We are currently working on a seamless, cashless, holistic, cross-border platform that will revolutionize digital payments in Africa.


Self-help app built to support and enable neo-banking and integrates all services in one ecosystem. OneApp aids last mile services on behalf of financial services, financial institutions (banks and MNOs) and other third party providers through the app and a network of agents.

Futa Plus

We are currently working on an electronic voucher system based on blockchain technology which enables users to easily generate, design and issue digital coupons or Futa Tokens. With Futa, Stations can now conveniently set up promotional campaigns to reach more customers and increase sales.